Mere Jubani, shabdo ke Udaan

Let your Feelings fly via my Words…

Express! You are not a machine…

There are many other flowers that are more beautiful than rose. Still rose is the most appreciated flower among everyone of us, ever wondered why? It’s because of its fragrance, … Continue reading

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Am I Dead???

“Am I dead??? because I feel as though I met an Angel… A blessing, a dream a reality, I don’t know who you are…” A small and sweet love poem, … Continue reading

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Each time

Each time… Each time… a poem just to share what I feel each time I think about him… But each time I fail, because any combination of words can’t express … Continue reading

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I Love You…

On this Propose Day, I just want to say to my soul mate how much I Love him, though I have not met him yet, but still he has a … Continue reading

08 Feb, 14 · 5 Comments

Pyar ke chutki for the season by me…

I was just playing a Game with my friends few days back, in which they had to select an alphabet from the word, “Valentine Day”, and that alphabet will then … Continue reading

08 Feb, 14 · 1 Comment

Relations, Marriages and Casteism

As it’s the season of love the best thing to be talked about is obviously Love.  There are many forms of love, love between a mother-father and their kids, the … Continue reading

01 Feb, 14 · 3 Comments

What am I…

Usually we spent our whole life comparing it to others, and felling low about what we don’t have etc, we lack self confidence and on that if someone says something … Continue reading

25 Jan, 14 · 2 Comments

Things to learn from a child.

As cute this picture is, so cute is the message that it tries to give, i.e. the child is teaching something to the world, by wearing the clothes which commonly … Continue reading

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Mera wajood

This poem is about an appreciation from a guy to his girl. It describes the beauty of an Indian Women. The English translation for the same is as below, From … Continue reading

23 Dec, 13 · 1 Comment


This poem is about relationship and time, basically it shows time keeps on flowing and we get so busy in our world that we don’t realize what we are losing … Continue reading

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Ek Nata…

This poem, rather I should say these lines try to describe how the relation of a family is. In this poem, the family is compared to a bird, while the … Continue reading

06 Nov, 13 · 3 Comments

Dil me ek dard hai…

As the poem is in Roman Hindi, a short description of it is given below. Only non Hindi readers should go through the description, rest can proceed with the poem … Continue reading

30 Sep, 13 · 1 Comment

Jara aaj to jee le…

Jara aaj to jee le… This poem is about almost every one of us, who lose themselves in the competition going in our world and forget to live. This poem … Continue reading

15 Sep, 13 · 4 Comments

Jane kab aaega vo pal…

Jane kab aaega vo pal… This poem is about every girl’s fantasy world, her most awaited and beautiful fantasy, about her Prince Charming.

08 Sep, 13 · 2 Comments


Deepika Janiyani

I am a person who is positive and happy in every aspect of life, I was not like this before but this cruel time has made me so. Time has transformed Read More...

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